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[DOI: 10.21982/pzc7-1448] Match time series in-situ data with AMSR2 LPRM SM
Ma, Hongliang; Zeng, Jiangyuan
Inputs required are the in-situ time series measurements of soil moisture, which can be downloaded freely from ISMN (International Soil Moisture Network).
Outputs generated include the AMSR2 LPRM soil moisture series as matched to the in-situ data.

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Appears in: [1] Zeng, J., Li, Z., Chen, Q., Bi, H., Qiu, J., & Zou, P. (2015). Evaluation of remotely sensed and reanalysis soil moisture products over the Tibetan Plateau using in-situ observations. Remote Sensing of Environment, 163, 91-110.

[2] Ma, H., Zeng, J., Chen, N., Zhang, X., Cosh, M., Wang, W., (2019). Satellite surface soil moisture from SMAP, SMOS, AMSR2 and ESA CCI: a comprehensive assessment using global ground-based observations. Remote Sensing of Environment, 231.

Code Languages: Matlab

Sensor Categories: Microwave Radiometer

Geophysical Model: Other - Remotely Sensed soil moisture validation

Geophysical Categories: Land: Soil Moisture

Keywords: AMSR2 LPRM, soil moisture, in-situ, ISMN, validation