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[DOI: 10.21982/f5pg-p074] skimulator
Gaultier, Lucile
From a Circulation and Wave model, data are interpolated on the sensor geometry to compute l2a and l2b products. Inputs data must contain at least coordinates (lon, lat) and ocean surface currents (eastward and northward components) in netCDF4 format . To compute the error budget correlated to the current, the following variables are required: mean square slope (in both direction), significant wave height, wind (eastward and northward component), stokes drift (eastward and northward) ice if there is any, rain and sea surface height for nadir altimeter

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Code Languages: Python

To compile code: Python 3.4 or greater, with numpy, scipy and netCDF4 libraries.

Sensor Categories: Radar Altimeter, Optical Radiometer, Other - Sensor

Geophysical Model: Other - This software simulates SKIM sea surface current observations that can be applied to an ocean general circulation model (OGCM).

Geophysical Categories: Ocean: Currents, Ocean: Other

Keywords: SKIM, doppler