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[DOI: 10.21982/v18n-hk45] Iterative InSAR Phase Filter
Mestre-Quereda, Alejandro; Lopez-Sanchez, Juan M.; Selva, Jesus; Gonzalez, Pablo
This InSAR Phase filter is based on an iterative method in which the original phase is progressively denoised with adaptive filtering windows of varying sizes. The quality of the filtering is affected by the interferometric coherence, which is related to phase noise. The power spectrum is used to create a smoothing filter for the phase that is based on a Chebyshev interpolation scheme.

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Appears in: A. Mestre-Quereda and J. M. Lopez-Sanchez and J. Selva and P. J. Gonzalez, "An Improved Phase Filter for Differential SAR Interferometry Based on an Iterative Method", IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 56, no. 8, pp. 4477-4491, August 2018.

Code Languages: Interactive Data Language IDL

Sensor Categories: InSAR

Geophysical Model: Other

Geophysical Categories: Land: Geologic Activity – Surface Deformation, Topography

Keywords: Differential synthetic aperture radar interferometry, Goldstein filter, phase noise filtering