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[DOI: 10.21982/vd48-7p51] PyINT: Python&GAMMA based interferometry toolbox
Cao, Yunmeng
Single or time-series of interferograms processing based on python and GAMMA for all of the present SAR datasets. 1) Sentinel-1: start from data-download to time-series interferograms 2) other: start from SLC datasets to time-series interferograms Input: 1) S1: tracks, frames, sub-swathes, sub-bursts, start-date, end-date, subset-area, baseline threshold 2) other SAR data: SLC datasets, start-date, end-date, subset region, baseline-threshold. Output: time-series of coregistrated interferogram files: include coherence, wrappedIfgram , unwrapIfgram, and geometry file (dem and lookup-table).

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Appears in: Wegmuller, U., Charles Werner, and Tazio Strozzi. "SAR interferometric and differential interferometric processing chain." Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium Proceedings, 1998. IGARSS'98. 1998 IEEE International. Vol. 2. IEEE, 1998.

Code Languages: C, Fortran, Python

To compile code: 1)Well compiled GAMMA software (version 2015.12 or higher); 2) Linux or MacOS System 3) gdal, pykml python modules should be installed.

Sensor Categories: InSAR

Instrument Processing and Calibration Categories: InSAR

Keywords: Python; GAMMA; InSAR; Time-series InSAR (InSAR); Multi-aperture Interferometry (MAI); Range-split Interferometry (RSI); Sentinel-1 Processing.