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[DOI: 10.21982/M8192K] GRMDM_O
Muzalevskiy, Konstantin; Fomin, Sergey; Mironov, Valery
The function calculates the complex dielectric permittivity (es) of the soil with an organic matter content (m0) from 35% to 80% in the range of soil temperature (Ts) from -30C to +25C at frequency equal to 1.4GHz (rd is a soil dry bulk density in g/cm^3). To develop the dielectric model, four soil samples were taken from the Yamal peninsula and the North Slope of Alaska.
Input parameters: Organic matter content, Soil moisture, Dry bulk density, Soil temperature.
Output parameter: Complex permittivity

Code Link: GRMDM_O.m
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Code MD5 Checksum: 85ccb22fb3d7dfc14ea6e2ead65944a6

Appears in: S. V. Fomin, V.L. Mironov, I.V. Savin, L.G. Kosolapova "Dielectric model of melted and frozen organic soils at 1.4 GHz frequency," Izvestiya Vuzov. Physics. 2017. No 12/2. pp. 121-125. (in Russian).

Code Languages: Matlab

Sensor Categories: Microwave Radiometer, SAR

Geophysical Model: Direct

Geophysical Categories: Land: Soil Moisture

Keywords: Soil complex permittivity, Tundra soil, Organic rich soils