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[DOI: 10.21982/M8J91V] Matlab CMOD5 Model Function and Compass Simulation Code
Long, David
Code package includes a Matlab implementation of the CMOD5 geophysical function relating V-polarization C-band backscatter to wind speed and direction as a function of incidence angle and antenna beam azimuth angle, as well as code to implement a simple wind retrieval scheme to estimate wind from multiple backscatter measurements. A compass simulation for both the fan-beam and scanning pencil-beam satellite measurement schemes are included.

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Appears in: F. Ulaby and D.G. Long, Microwave Radar and Radiometric Remote Sensing, ISBN: 978-0-472-11935-6, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2013.

H. Hersbach, A. Stofflen, and S. de Haan, "The improved C-band geophysical model function CMOD5," Proc. of the 2004 Envisat & ERS Symposium, Salzburg, Austria, 6-10, Sept. 2004 [ESA SP-572, Apri 2005]

Code Languages: Matlab

Sensor Categories: Scatterometer

Geophysical Model: Both Direct and Inverse

Both Instrument Processing/Calibration and Geophysical Categories: Ocean: Surface Winds, Scatterometer

Keywords: scatterometer, geophysical model function, wind retrieval, CMOD5