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[DOI: 10.21982/M8M92V] ISAR rapidly Spinning Targets 3D imaging
Mengdao, Xing
a novel 3-D imaging algorithm for rapidly spinning targets based on target motion features. In this algorithm, a series of 2-D image slices are generated based on the output of the matched filter bank. Then, the image slices are combined to form a 3-D target image. "I would like to point something about this code: To get the final result, first you should run the function Data_Produce to generate the simulation data. Then load the simulation data to make match filter for three z coordinate respecticely. Finally,load the match filter result and plot the 3D image.

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Code Languages: Matlab

Sensor Categories: Other - Sensor

Instrument Processing and Calibration Categories: Other - Sensor

Keywords: Inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR), matched filter bank, rapidly spinning targets, 3-D imaging